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Better phone reception on the way for Winmalee

Daniel Myles, Shae Foenander, and Mick Fell welcome Council leasing the ‘Telstra Tower’ in Summerhayes Park Winmalee to Optus and improved mobile coverage in the Winmalee area.

Blue Mountains City Council has agreed to enter into a lease with Optus to co-locate their equipment on the existing Telstra Tower within Summerhayes Park, Winmalee, to help improve the mobile reception within the surrounding area.

“Optus is seeking to upgrade its mobile telephone services in the Winmalee area. The Council fully supports this proposal, especially in times of emergency,” said Mayor Mark Greenhill.

Optus will co-locate their telecommunications equipment on the existing Telstra Tower, subject to development approval. Telstra installed a telecommunications tower within the Summerhayes Park area in March this year.

The tower’s design allowed for other carriers to be added. This will do away with the requirement for Optus to build any new towers within the Winmalee area.

“For a long time this area had suffered from poor mobile phone coverage,” said Ward 3 Councillor, Shae Foenander.

“This is bad for families, home run businesses and especially in emergency situations.

“Bush fire sensitive areas such as this need to have the best telecommunication options available to it. Peace of mind for residents is paramount during an emergency that they can reach out and get help. I welcome this development.”

In order to house and manage their telecommunication equipment a ground based hut is required, which requires Council to enter into a lease with Optus. The lease is tied to Telstra’s remaining term of their five year lease, so that both leases can run concurrently, if and when the leases are renewed.

Optus will publicly notify their intentions of the use of public land as required by the Local Government Act before any lease will be entered into or can be approved by Council.